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What is Low Pressure Soft Wash House Washing?

Through the use of a Low Pressure application of specialized cleaning agents, combined with Soft Washing of your home’s exterior, we reduce the necessity to high pressure wash off the dirt, mold, mildew or other contaminants that prevent your property from looking its best. This also reduces the potential of water going places where it should not. This process results in a cleaner surface than outdated power washing methods. Soft Washing is a process effectively used on most residential cleaning requests including siding, stucco and dryvit.

What are the black stains on my roof?

A type of algae, known as Gloeocapsa Magma, causes the damaging black stains on asphalt shingles. This type of algae thrives in the humidity that we have here in New Jersey. The algae feeds on the crushed limestone additive in asphalt shingles making your roof the perfect environment for the algae to grow. Rain spreads the algae down the roof causing the black streaks to spread at a rapid rate. These streaks not only hurt your home’s curb appeal but ultimately will cause the shingles to fail prematurely by not allowing the shingles to reflect heat properly.

What is Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning?

This is a process that elimintaes the risk of damage to your roof often associated with old, high pressure methods.
A) A specialized detergent, or “algaecide” is applied to the roof shingles and allowed to dwell, attacking and killing the algae that is feeding on the limestone in your shingles, creating unsightly dark streaks and stains. As the algaecide is working, the algae will break up and die revealing a clean, “like new” roof!

What precautions do you take to prevent damage to my plants, lawn or flowers when you wash my property?

If your plants or flowers are movable for us, we will move them to a safe area prior to washing your property. If they are not movable, we will pre-wet the plants, rinse any detergent off immediately and then rinse them again after we complete the area we are working. This process ensures a 100% success rate in never harming any customer’s property.

Are you Insured & Certified?

Yes, we are Fully Insured and we are Certified in Wood Restoration with The Power Washers of North America (PWNA). For your additional peace of mind, we are members of the Community Associations Institute (CAI) and the New Jersey Apartment Association (NJAA).

Can’t I do the same job that you do by buy a pressure washer and cleaners at a home improvement store?

Sorry, but the answer is no. There are several variables to take into account when cleaning your property’s exterior. During our consultation, we will educate you on what we can do for you and your property. Spraying chemicals and using high pressure water can do more harm than good. We have the proper tools for the job, trained professionals, the ability to solve problems and knowledge of the pressure washing industry, ensuring superior results over a Do-It-Yourself approach.

I am selling my home, what can Redram Services do for me?

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and there is no denying that curb appeal sells homes. Your home’s value can be drastically increased with curb side appeal. There is nothing worse than a potential buyer walking away because they were less than impressed with the look of your home. Find out what Redram Services can do for you!

I am looking to maintain my property (residential, commercial or property management), what should I do?

Each property is different as a result of weather, traffic (both vehicular and pedestrian), environmental conditions and rates of usage. We will meet with you, conduct a needs assessment and make recommendations, furnish a written proposal and free estimate based upon your needs and set up a maintenance schedule that works for you.

I am outside your listed service area, what should I do?

Contact us today. If we cannot meet your needs, we will make your request a job lead through our national contractor network. You will be contacted by another professional pressure washing contractor that services your area.